Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Round One - Day 14

Today marks the official last day of round one... on to round two tomorrow! Yay!

I'm really hoping that the side effects are similar to this round or better... rather than cumulative. But, I'll get what I get I suppose!

I was relieved this morning to see that my hair has started to shed. I've been really worried about it because I was told that it should have started by now. I kept wondering if my body was allowing the chemo to pass through me without doing the job it was supposed to do? No, the doctor didn't say that this could happen... it is just my own brain over-thinking things again. Then I'd tell myself it is because my hair is already, short, thin and fine so it wasn't heavy enough to fall out. Or, maybe it is fitting that my hair won't fall out because I don't like my hair. Yes, the crazies had started to take over. But, this morning I had a few hairs on my hand after washing my head, there were a few on my shoulder when I got out of the shower and a few came out while styling my hair. None of this is normal. I don't know if I've continued to shed today because I basically glue my hair on with hairspray daily!! We'll see if it continues tomorrow morning.

On to round two and the next step in kicking this thing. So far I'm winning.

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