Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

Today was Tyler's first holiday from school so I decided that was worth a day off of work! Woo Hoo! The weather wasn't as beautiful as yesterday, but any day with my boys is always a treat.

We headed out to The Great Pumpkin Farm with Tyler's friend Jack. his mom Kelly and his beautiful sister Mallory. This picture was taken by a photographer. We were "spotted!!"

It was "loads of fun!"

The boys had a great time together on the slides, the roller tube, the straw maze and carnival rides. Here they are on the tilt-a-whirl... all by themselves... thank goodness! Check out the pose... these are cool dudes!

Then they decided to play "I Got It." Too funny! Ty has a bit of bed head going on. Hmm... I guess I should brush what little hair he has in the morning. Maybe tomorrow.

The pumpkin cannon was way cool. Check this out...

The older boys were being a bit wacky in this picture... the next pictures got a little odd so we'll stick with this one. I think they were trying to strike a pose! Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the older boys were having way too much fun for pictures today.

A quick height check.

Another height check... sort of.

Look at all these pumpkins!

I think this is as close as Tyler will ever get to feeding an animal... and only because he didn't have to actually tough anything.


Hanging in the wooden train.

That is one big pumpkin!

Too cute!

Now those are some pumpkins! There was a guy carving another one while we were there. Maybe we should try something other than the classic pumpkin this year... maybe not.

We had a great day! When is the next school holiday??

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