Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Telling Tyler

I've been stressing about sharing my news with Tyler, but that task is over and it really wasn't bad. We'll see what he comes up with next as I know his little brain is mulling over what he learned.

We agreed not to use the "C" word, not because it would have any meaning to him, but we were concerned about the reactions of others if he says something at school. Basically I told him that the doctors found something in my body that doesn't belong there and they have to get rid of it so I can be healthy. He asked how so I told him that first I would be getting medicine that is going to make it smaller, but that the medicine is going to make me tired and maybe a little cranky. I also told him that it was going to make my hair go away... isn't that silly!?! He found that funny. When I told him about fake hair he decided it must be made of plastic. I'm sure he's right. Dan jumped in and told Ty that we're going to need his help when I'm tired so Ty agreed to sort the laundry and help keep Ryan entertained plus his own self care. We'll see how that goes...

He asked some really good question about how the medicine is going to work and how they know that it is all gone so we talked about the surgery a little bit too. Then he told Dan and I that we should spend a lot of time together before I take my medicine. He is a sweet boy.

I am more determined than ever to not let this get in the way of my life as much as humanly possible. I do not want my boys to miss out on fun stuff or their mom even if it is only a few months. A five year old shouldn't sort laundry alone. We have 7 days to spend as much time together before I take my medicine! I think that is a great idea and see apple picking in our immediate future :)

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