Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sesame Street Live

After much anticipation, this morning we went to see Sesame Street Live: Imagination 123!!

The boys were very excited, especially Ryan, to see all their favorite characters.

Here we all are in our seats, waiting for the show to start.

There they all are! Overall, the show kept the kids engaged which is quite a feat when the average age was 2 and it lasted 1.5 hours!!

Isn't this quite the sight... somewhat creepy in my opinion. Of course we had to get one. Wasn't it nice of them to parade them down the aisle and stop right next to us??

Ryan was particularly awestruck by this set. It looked just like Elmo's World!

See, completely in awe... he couldn't even keep his tongue in his mouth... so strange...

After the show we took advantage of being downtown and stopped into the New Era Cap store. Since I now have a bit of hair showing, I wanted to get a real hat that doesn't cover my entire head. Imagine my disappointment to find "made in China" inside the product of a local business. Oh well, I bought one anyway and the boys got a kick out of their baseball Mickey!

Then it was off to Chef's for a yummy lunch. Ryan was in quite the mood today and made himself known in the restaurant. Actually, he was rather Tyler-like. Unfortunately he discovered how to get a trip to the bathroom with mommy, just like his big brother. All you have to do is announce "I poop!" really loudly in the middle of the restaurant. And, just in case not everyone heard you, repeat it a couple of times before your mother can grab you. Nice. I was not amused when I discovered a completely clean diaper.
At least Tyler behaved himself.

A quick run through the classic car show and back home we went. I think I need a nap.

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