Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hair -10.5 weeks out

Chemo seems very far away, but my hair tells another story.

As long as you don't look too hard, I have coverage. Unfortunately it seems to be growing in exactly where it left off... thin, straight, fine, full of gray and accompanied by all my usual cowlicks. But, it is hair so I'll take it.

I've ditched my hat except for when I'm outside because it is quite cold without hair. My ears are very excited about being free! I've even treated them to a few days without glasses.

I have real eyebrows now instead of those charcoal smudgy looking things. I also have full lower lashes, but my uppers still need some more time.

Slowly things are returning back to normal.

I'm 15 rounds through radiation and overall it is a non-event. 18 more rounds to go!!

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