Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Night

It is Sunday evening and the laundry is nowhere near done. Why?

1. Tyler attended a birthday party Friday evening. Dan, Ryan and I enjoyed pizza in the plaza. Yum. I hope he gets invited to another party at that location so I can have more of that pizza.

2. We made cookies Saturday morning. Tyler really was having a good time... he's practicing his "cool" look.

3. Then went out to a neighborhood party after doing some cleaning and grocery shopping. Since my hair is growing back I thought I'd better give Annette a chance to get out. Here she is.

4. It was a beautiful morning so the boys and I headed out to the park. Ryan could not have been more excited to see the slide.

He thought this was hilarious... I see you!

We had a very happy boys on our hands. Simple pleasures.

Ty was doing some excavating.

And found a worm. Yuck! And, he thought he might bring it home as a pet. I don't think so.

5. Ty was invited to another party this afternoon at the zoo. Since it was a nice day, we all went.

Here's Ryan trying to comprehend sitting on something that doesn't move. He kept yelling for a penny and looking for a hole to put it in. Too funny!

For some reason he was ok with the turtle not taking pennies.

What a nice day. Here I am sporting another of Sara's beautiful hats. It is perfect for a chilly spring day.

6. We went out to dinner on the way home.
So that is why the laundry isn't done. And I don't care because we had a great weekend!

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