Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zap 22

I am now two-thirds complete with radiation... only 11 zaps to go!!

So far it has been a non-event. And, the last 8 rounds are boosts to my tumor site, narrowing the radiation field. I'm hoping that means the actual round is quicker (even though I'm only on the table for about 10 minute now) and I'm hoping that means my skin will hold out. The only skin change I'm noticing is a little tanning on that side. My skin might be "tougher," but it is really hard to tell what was caused by surgery versus what was caused by radiation. In the end, it is minimal so it really doesn't matter.

What has been re-confirmed for me is that some people just do their jobs a little bit better than others and that has a big impact. Overall my radiation team is very good. However, there is one tech who is very good at his job. Unfortunately for me, he is on a cruise this week. I now know how good I've had it. There have been days when he was alone and went ahead to set me up by himself. Then there was the day that the light bulb blew in the machine. I was only delayed 5 minutes because he was right on top of it (no small feat when you can't just change the bulb yourself). Yes, there are some people who are just a little bit better. I really hope he's back next week.

I've also realized that this world is full of characters. I share the waiting room with a few of them... there is Sir Crabsalot, Sir Talksalot and Sir Stinksalot. Need I say more. So here I am every morning... the only woman, the only one who has to wear a gown and the youngest by at least 30 years. Ugh!! Those are 10 long minutes every morning!

Things must be alright if that is all I have to complain about, right?? Only 11 more to go.

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