Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yesterday was a wonderful day. It was the first Saturday without bowling in a long time and my last being able to lift over 10 pounds for a while so we took full advantage. We spent the day with family!

My first cousin Holli is always encouraging and coordinating time with family. She picks up the slack left by the rest of us (um ok... me) and is truly special. She gets credit for putting together a great day at the museum of play. Here she is with my boys and the children of our grandmother's sister's son's daughter. Did you follow that?? I have no idea what that makes them. 4th cousins? Cousins 4 times removed? Who knows... all that matters is that we had a great day with Holli, Marcella, Gianna, Matthew and Andrew.

Yes, you counted right... two adults with six kids. Holli and I are both really good at counting to six now. I'm proud to say that we didn't lose anyone for more than a minute! Phew!

Do you think that Sara, Dave or my great-grandchildren will ever play together? I would hope so, but yesterday made me realize how distant that really is.

Holli also encourages getting everyone in pictures. Here I am with the boys on the Sesame Street stoop. I look at this picture and realize that this hat doesn't do me any favors... it may be comfortable and convenient, but it is not attractive! It is also the first time I've looked at a picture and thought I looked ill. I felt fine yesterday... maybe it is the super thin eyebrows.

Ryan's favorite parts of the museum were the water fountain and the sink in the bathroom. I wish I was kidding.

He was enjoying having his picture taken and then looking at it. Silly boy. I am proud of Ryan. This was our first significant outing without a stroller and he did great! (sniff sniff...)

We have been to this museum many times and I have never seen this... The boys really enjoyed it while Holli and the girls were in the butterfly garden. Basically you put wooden balls on the belt and then crank the wheel so that the balls fall on a xylophone. The boys each had a role, Ryan was the cheerleader, Andrew grabbed the balls, Matthew told him where to put them and Tyler cranked the wheel. Nice job boys! The best part was that they were all in one place and easy to watch. You know it is hard to keep track when all you know is that you are missing the one in the orange shirt. Who was in the orange shirt?? Oh, that would be my child!! Whoops! Tyler, where are you??

Another group shot courtesy of Holli.

Tyler was rocking out in this new exhibit.

He was very excited about this move. Very cool T.

Poor Ryan waited all day to go to the Elmo exhibit and then I rushed him out as he was yelling "my turn, my turn, my turn." This car is one of his favorites. Elmo is in the back seat.

Here is Holli with Ryan checking out the Sesame Street characters. They're looking up at a TV showing themselves with Elmo.
See, isn't that neat?

One last bit of fun before heading out.

The big kids chose to ride together. What a nice finish to a great day.

I was exhausted when I got home and ready to put my PJs on for the evening when Dan asked if I was up for Hard Rock nachos. You don't say no to nachos so off we went to Niagara Falls. We are nuts, but it was totally worth it. Mmmmm nachos!
I didn't do much today.

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