Friday, November 5, 2010


It is a good thing the boys have two parents because this year Halloween was all on Daddy's shoulders!

Tyler had his first Halloween Parade at school. Dan took the day off and made sure he was there. He even got to go into Ty's classroom... yes, I am really jealous.

Check out his kindergarten class! Ty is in the front row with the mask on.

Then Daddy carved the pumpkin with the boys.

It wasn't very creative (my fault... I drew the face), but at least it got done before it was time to trick or treat!

And it was finally the big night. And it is a good thing that Daddy is a good sport, otherwise, there would not have been any trick or treating. Grandma and Grandpa W are visiting... we decided it was a lot more relaxing and warm at home.
Tyler wanted this costume last year, but I had the energy to subtly suggest over a few weeks that he wanted a costume without a mask that covered his whole face. When he asked for the same costume this year... I paused for a moment and then decided to just buy it. For those of you unfamiliar with boy things, this is Optimus Prime Transformer. The arm thingy which was the reason he wanted this particular costume didn't even make it to the first house. The mask lasted for one house. The chest lasted two house. Then he just looked like a kid wearing something odd. Oh well, he had a good time :)

With Ryan's Elmo obsession it didn't feel right to put him in anything else. He makes a very cute Elmo. And, Elmo collected a lot of candy!


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