Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Snow

We went 271 days without snow!! And in the last 24 hours we got a whole 2 inches. Tyler was itching to build a snowman. But it was cold out there... good thing he's got an awesome Dad.

Dan spent a couple of hours playing with Ty in the snow after finding him alone in the driveway all dressed in his snow gear.... I wonder how that happened...

Instead of a snowman they built a race car. I know, it's shocking.

A quick design conference.

Ryan watched all the action from inside.

But, he really wanted to get out there, so...

This car was something by the time it was all done... 3 jet packs on the back, a grill on the front and even a cup holder! Welcome Winter!!

And a huge thank you to Daddy for giving a little boy a great day.

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