Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tyler Tyler Tyler

This has been a rough week at our house. Everyone is sick except Mommy (and I hope it stays that way). Tyler woke up early Thursday morning screaming that his ear hurt and the doctor confirmed an ear infection. This is very disappointing as Tyler made it through last winter without one. Poor Ryan is all stuffed up and has a terrible choking cough. The doctor recommended saline drops so I'll be torturing my baby later this morning.

But, through it all Ty is still providing plenty of entertainment...

Thursday after the doctor appointment Tyler asked to watch cartoons and instead of answering him, I grabbed the remote intending to find something that he would like. Tyler wasn't satisfied with that response so he asked in his very adult voice, "do you suppose Mama?" That kid cracks me up.

Last night he got into his dress up bin and Batman graced up with his presence. For some reason Batman had a cowboy hat on for a while?? Buzz Lightyear visited us next. He had a blast running through the house with his "wings" telling us what to say and how to react to him. "Buzz, how did you get here?" "What did you do with Tyler?" "Do we need a super hero?"

To infinity and beyond...

He then became a train engineer and had an awful time fixing the engine with his "adjustable wrench." But, he got it fixed and then it was time to hand out the tickets. Finally our tickets were punched and it was time to ride the train according to his "pocket watch."

I've got my tools, I'll have it going in a jiffy.

Two thumbs up... we're good to go!

All Aboard the Tyler Express! What a hoot!
He was so cute that Daddy couldn't resist taking him to the movies this morning even though he still feels terrible. I hope they're having a good time watching Horton Hears a Who.

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