Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One more day

I go back to work on Friday. I can't believe it's already been 12 weeks! Overall I think I'm ready.
I've got enough meatballs in the freezer to have one meal each week until it's time to get the grill out (the grill might have to come out in March, but it still counts!), I froze a couple of lasagna's, I tried out some new crock pot meals and have list of simple meals so hopefully we'll have decent meals every night.

Laundry could be an issue, but as long as I can get a couple of loads done mid-week it shouldn't be too bad to catch up on the weekend.

Pumping has gone really well. We had a milk avalanche over the weekend when Dan opened the freezer (oops) so we did some organizing and counted them. I've got 70 bags! I was hoping I had 50. Woo Hoo!

Sleep is actually happening. Ryan has been sleeping 7 hours at a stretch somewhat regularly and the last two nights he slept 8 hours straight! Unfortunately Tyler was up at 1am last night, but I'm hoping that was a fluke.

It's snowing outside today so I'm not running around trying to cram in as much fun for Ty as possible. It's nice to have a day at home even though it wasn't my plan. Tomorrow we're meeting friends at the Bounce House and I'm sure I'll spend the evening running around setting everything up so Friday morning is as smooth as possible. Hopefully I'll have some time to pick up Ryan's 3 month pictures so I can bring one with me to work. If not, I can sign into the blog to see my boys!

I love this picture. Tyler and Ryan enjoy being with each other. The smiles that Ryan gives Tyler are bigger and more frequent than those he gives anyone else. And Tyler always wants to be with Ryan. Tyler gets a little too excited sometimes and we have to remind him to be gentle, but overall he does well. We'll see what happens when Ryan is big enough to take Tyler's toys... In this picture they're getting ready for their bedtime story. Ty was so excited that Ryan was in his bed. Ryan was excited as well.

We found some time this morning to try on the outfits for Ryan's baptism. Here is a sneak peak.

There is also a little bonnet that goes with the gown.

I hope Ryan doesn't get too mad at me about the gown. I don't like the little suits and this is the only time I'll get to put one of my children in a "dress." Sorry Ry!
Tyler went to church with me the weekend before last and during mass he said "Mama, what was I on when I was bapertised." Too funny! The people in the pew behind us thought it was funny as well. I told him he was on the altar and that satisfied him. Tyler doesn't mispronounce words very often. I still miss "baddoon" instead of balloon. The only other one I remember is how he pronounced car. He had a strong boston accent... caaaa!

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Michelle said...

I love the photo of them in Tyler's bed! That's so sweet. I'm sure it will be difficult to leave all that yummy boy-love at your house, but we'll be happy to have you back! :-)