Sunday, January 25, 2009


It's really interesting to me to hear what people think about who each child looks like. Most of the time the person thinks the child looks like whomever that person knows the best. I guess that is natural. Almost without exception we hear that the boys look like each other. Personally, I can see a resemblance, but I think they are very different. Maybe it is because they have such different personalities. I think it is time for a test. Can you identify Tyler & Ryan? I did my best to take similar pictures. They are about the same age in these pictures.

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Answer: #1 is Ryan, #2 & #3 are Tyler, and #4 is Ryan. Easy test, huh?
I think Tyler looks more like me (although I can see Dan in Tyler) and Ryan looks more like Dan . They are both beautiful boys!
Life at our house is a lot healthier this week than last. Everyone is either fully recovered or almost there and so far I haven't gotten sick. I'm hoping it stays that way as I return to work on Friday.
During my time off I have done my best to keep Tyler active. I'm hoping he remembers this time together. Last week was a particularly busy week. We went to an open play area, to my work (where he had a blast... he asked if we could go back the next day...), to a bounce house, out to lunch, had a play date at home... I was tired at the end of that week so today we're taking a day off to do absolutely nothing (except laundry and grocery shopping). This coming week we've got another play date set up, having friends for dinner, we're going to a childrens museum, hoping to go to the outlets, plus get to all the things I haven't done yet on my list (yeah, right!). Maybe if I can keep us busy enough I won't dwell on never having this time with my boys again.
Can you tell who is who in this picture? Ha!

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