Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyler

I can't believe Ty is 4 years old! It went so fast.

The whole birthday experience started on Monday for Ty with making cupcakes for school. Since Ty doesn't go to school on Wednesday's, he brought them in yesterday. He doesn't go in until later in the morning and I couldn't figure out how I could carry Ryan and the cupcakes while keeping an eye on Ty in the parking lot so I asked Daddy to drop off the cupcakes on his way in to work. Tyler was very concerned about that arrangement because he was convinced his classmates would eat his cupcakes! Poor kid (it was hard not to laugh)! Here he is licking the bowl.

We had a great day today starting with story hour at the library, then off to take pictures before going to lunch and finally Chuck E Cheese's. Daddy joined us for the afternoon so we had a wonderful family day. Here's Ty with Chuck E.

When we got home it was time for presents! Tyler informed me that he's now old enough to use his own scissors to cut the ribbon on his presents. He got them himself and here he is cutting the ribbon off his first gift. He did a great job. (He didn't need me at all... sob!)

Here is the first gift fully unwrapped. He loves it Aunt Donna!

And, here is the face he made when he discovered that the helicopter makes noise!

Unfortunately I was so concerned about video taping Tyler blowing out his candles that I forgot to take a picture! Oops! So, here he is eating his cake.

Of course we need the token picture of Ryan. He did really well at Chuck E Cheese's. The lights were fascinating.

Hopefully Ty's birthday party on Saturday will be as much fun as today.

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Tyler! Four is a pretty darn cool age to be. Enjoy.