Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa Train Birthday Party

Today was the big day on the santa train for Tyler's birthday. Along with our family and friends, we headed out to the North Pole in vintage style! We've been planning this party for months and I can't believe it is over.

They ran the Diesel engine today. We'll have to go back next summer to ride the steam engine again.

I was a little worried when we got to the depot as it was extremely crowded, but somehow we ended up with a car to ourselves. We were on the last passenger car on the train on the way out and the first on the way back which worked to our advantage. We were the first people off the train when we arrived at the substation (decorated as the North Pole) so we got in to see Santa quickly without standing out in the cold.

We lucked out with the weather as well. It was chilly, but there wasn't a blizzard as I had feared. Aunt Sara often brings bad weather with her... she was scheduled to arrive in Buffalo the day of the October storm two years ago...

We started our trip with the "hobo packs" consisting of bandanas suspended from candy cane sticks. Inside the kids found conductor hats, train whistles and goodies. They seemed to enjoy it and the whistles weren't too loud. Here's three of the kids with their packs. Tyler spend the first half of the ride to the North Pole enjoying his candy cane. Then the sugar kicked in for the rest of the ride.

The railroad did a really nice job. They decorated the car, put up signs and supplied the cake. All I did was send out invitations and bring juice boxes (which really weren't needed). It was a nice way to have a party... show up and enjoy! I also liked that we were able to get up and move around the train.

Halfway to the substation the musicians came to our car and sang happy birthday to Tyler before singing Christmas Carols. It was really nice. I'm glad I didn't print out the words to the songs for a sing-along... and I bet the adult guests are glad I didn't either!

Here's Tyler tooting his whistle with a friend.

And, of course, we had the visit with Santa.

Tyler and his cousin Ava had a great time together. They were good enough to pose for this picture.

And this one! The tree was set up on an open rail car that you walked on to from the car we were on. Pretty neat!

We all had a great time on the train. Tyler and Ava brought home the balloons from the train and spent the rest of the evening running through the house with them. They took a moment out to rest with Aunt Sara and Ryan.

What a great day!

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