Saturday, December 27, 2008

Museum of Play

The Saturday before Christmas we visited the museum of play and had a blast. We've been there 4 times now and haven't spend less than 4 hours there each time. This trip we could have stayed at least 6 hours, but Ryan was having none of it. Here are some pictures from our day.

We had to make sure we visited the museum before early January so that Tyler got to experience the George exhibit.
Curious George is the only stuffed animal that Tyler ever "loved" so he's extra special to us.
Last year the exhibit was Bob the Builder and it was wonderful, but the George exhibit even topped that. It had all sorts of things to do including experiments with wind, crafts, and golf!
This place is incredibly interactive and even keeps our boy interested the entire time we're there.
Here's the one picture I was able to get with Tyler somewhat posed. He was so involved in play that he didn't have time to stop for mom to snap a picture. I guess that's the point of this place...
Dan is a great Dad and a very good sport as Tyler led him around. He even went into the barn through the kiddie door.

Here they are inside the barn making a windsock.

They had George's rocket and Tyler had great time sticking his head out the window.

The other side of the rocket had a slide.

Even the display outside of the exhibit was fun. Each of these little windows opened up and had a surprise inside for the kids to discover.

Here's Tyler drag racing with some help from Dad.

This airplane exhibit is one of Tyler's favorites. He looks forward to it each time. Unfortunately I was off nursing while he was in the Wegmans exhibit so there aren't any pictures of that. It's my favorite. They have mini shopping carts and the kids can go shopping in a miniature store and then ring themselves out on real cash registers. How cool!

Tyler also loves serving his customers from the food cart. They've got very realistic hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos and ice cream cones for dessert.

This display was lots of fun. The teeth make noise when you brush them. Who thinks of these things?

We ended our trip at the Berenstein Bears exhibit. I hope that is a permanent display because there was lots to do and we rushed through it.

What a great day... I can't wait until next time!

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