Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Prep

I've been away from my computer for a while and crazy busy before that preparing for Christmas so I'll have to do a few posts back to back to catch up.

Tyler was a huge help in making the goodies. We made Italian, ricotta cheese, peanut butter kiss and cut-out cookies as well as fudge. I've had a bit of set back with losing the baby weight!

We barely got a tree and ended up only putting up a third of the ornaments, but Tyler is pleased with it. Here he is decorating.

Making fudge was a huge hit, especially when it came time to lick the utensils.

I told him that his face could get stuck like this, but he's willing to make the sacrifice for a good laugh.

Mmmm... yummy!

Cut out cookies were also a lot of fun. He insisted on rolling the dough out himself.

We made some more at grandma's. Here's the crew very intent on their work.

The kids did a great job sprinkling the cookies. By the time they were done the cookies were completely covered!

What fun!
As I'm typing this Dan came in to inform me that according to Tyler "sometimes he growls to itch his stomach." What!
A couple of month ago we were eating out and Tyler was kicking the booth. We asked him to stop kicking and he informed us that he wasn't kicking... he was "singing with his feet."
It is so hard not to laugh.

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