Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

The feast is over and the leftovers have been eaten... overall it was a wonderful Thanksgiving with both sets of grandparents to shower attention on Tyler. I bet both Grandma's slept well last night after their dose. I wish I had a quarter of his energy.

As we finished dinner I asked Tyler what he was thankful for and his response was "pie, family, airplanes and jets" in that order. I'm glad he's got his priorities straight!

I think Ryan is a bit shell-shocked after the last couple of days. He had a rough day yesterday, but I'm crediting that with the chili I ate the night before. I think I'll stay away from chili for a while!

I think this picture is funny!

Tyler is still doing ok with Ryan although he made sure that Grandma knew there was always someone else to hold Ryan while she played with him. Poor Grandma hasn't had a minute to herself since she arrived on Wednesday.

Another Tyler Funny

On Wednesday the boys and I went out to lunch at Moe's Southwest Grill and it reminded me of something that one of Tyler's teachers shared with us about 6 months ago. Tyler attends a Christian Learning Center and they regularly read bible stories. On this particular day the teacher was reading a story about Moses. Mid-story Tyler raised his hand and informed the class that he liked cheese quesadillas at Moses! Oops!

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