Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Bottle

We had a photo shoot today hoping for a good shot for the announcement. Here are a few of the best pictures. I can't believe how much he's changed already.

He's still a beautiful boy.

I can see Tyler in this picture.

Of course we had to take some pictures with big brother Tyler. This is the best one. Ty is a great big brother.

And finally, we had another first this week... the bottle. Daddy got to feed Ryan his first bottle, but Tyler had his chance today. Tyler was really careful and made sure that he held the bottle up so Ryan didn't get air. Great job Ty!
Ryan took really well to the bottle. I wanted to start him early so that I wouldn't have that worry when returning to work gets a little closer.

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Michelle said...

Ahh... He's absolutely beautiful. My vote is photo #3 (but they're all great). Isn't it wonderful to have siblings? That ah- ha moment of "Oh! That's why we had two." Enjoy the days with your boys..