Saturday, November 1, 2008

All About Tyler

I thought I'd share some random pics from the last few months.

Here's one of Tyler and Dad on the hay ride at Pumpkinville. Tyler loves rides behind a tractor. It wasn't a John Deere, but he got over that.

This one cracks me up. Tyler was told to stay in the kitchen until he finished the sandwich he requested. Here's the result! He was asleep for about an hour. Too funny!

This is adorable! Here's Ty and his cousin at the NAS Oceana Air Show in September. They had a ball together as you can tell from this pic. Glow sticks and cousins... what could be better!

Here's our little mechanic. I love it when he tells me one of his trucks, cars, bikes, etc. is "Spittin' Oil"! He's definitely his father's son.

Here's Ty riding a pony at the day care open house. It took him about an hour to decide he'd go for it, but only on the small pony.

This picture is especially important. Most of you probably know that we spent a fortune on a swing set last summer and Tyler refused to play on it, especially the slide. This summer he's finally going down slides. This one was at Letchworth Park over Columbus Day weekend. It was a huge slide, but he wanted to do it anyway. Go Tyler!

Here's Ty and Dad getting a ride in the pace car at the Speedway over Labor Day weekend. It is amazing what a cute kid can get. I was talking to a couple of people when I saw Dan running full speed with Tyler in his arms. I thought there was a potty incident! Luckily someone filled me in on what was happening.

Whoops! These pictures sure are out of order. Here's Tyler back in Pumpkinville getting a ride on the cow train. How neat is this!

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