Sunday, November 9, 2008

Welcome Baby Ryan!

Ryan Nelson DeKruger joined our family at 10:28am on Friday, November 7, 2008. He's 21 inches long and weighed in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces... maybe... I was advised yesterday that the birth weight scale was off the previous day by as much as a pound. 24 hours after he was born he weighed 8 pounds 10.5 ounces so we don't think his weight was off by too much, but we'll never know. He's a healthy, beautiful baby boy and that's all that matters.

Here's Daddy introducing Tyler and Ryan. We're still not sure what Tyler thinks. Ryan just came home a couple of hours ago and Tyler is very curious.

Here is the obligatory (horrible) hospital picture!

We're not sure yet whose hair Ryan has. So far my vote is Dan's because I think it is wavy on the sides, but we'll report back on that after his first real bath.

Here he is in the hat that Tyler made (with Daddy's help) during his sibling tour at the hospital.

This one was taken last night at the hospital. So far he's a content baby. Lets hope he stays that way!

This might be our announcement picture. Isn't he gorgeous??


Michelle said...

Oh, Laura! I am so happy for you. Ryan is such a beautiful boy. And I agree, that one should be your announcement photo - it's a perfect one! Miss you already. Enjoy your boys! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura,
I agree he is truly beautiful. Isn't it funny how it's ok to call a boy beautiful for a short while after he is born.

Tyler looks pensive - like "ummmm, I'm not sure about this". But he'll be fine.

I am so glad you are home and the family is all together.

Take care.

Cheryl said...

Laura -
Ryan is TRULY beautiful! Can't wait to see him in person!
Please let me know what you need. Emily and I would love an excuse to stop over!
Take Care of yourself and see you soon,