Saturday, June 11, 2011


Ryan. What are we going to do with this boy? He certainly lives life to the fullest. He is our rough and tumble boy... and getting rougher by the day!!

Our latest challenge is keeping him in shoes. I bought him brand new sneakers from Stride Rite three weeks ago. Here is what they look like now. Three weeks!!

These are Tyler's old sneakers in the same size. He wore them for at least 3 months... probably a lot longer. My boys don't share their primary shoes. I can't tell you why I still have Tyler's old sneakers except that I put the shoes away just in case and haven't cleaned the closet in a while. But, Ryan couldn't wear his own shoes in their current condition, so I had no choice except to put him in these.

I took a picture of the shoes because it was a clear visual of the difference between these two boys.

Here are Tyler's old sneakers after ONE day of Ryan wearing them. Seriously, he went through a pair of sneakers in ONE DAY!

We know how he accomplishes such destruction in such a short period of time... he rides his outdoor toys very aggressively, dragging his feet forward for another push. And, he loves it. We have tried showing him other methods, but this is what works for him. Next week I'll be sending him to daycare in open-toed sandals. He's a smart boy... it should only take one swipe to fix this problem.

Ryan has no fear. And that makes me very afraid.

At the same time, he is such a joy. This video makes me smile, I have another video that I'm having trouble posting of him watching this in fast-motion and laughing that hardy har har laugh of his. He couldn't be cuter.

I suppose he's worth a pair of sneakers a day!!

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