Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Things

We've reached that time of year where there are no events, no time off, and generally nothing exciting going on... but we're still busy. Go figure!!

Ryan is all over the place. He is walking more and more. It is odd to see him walk into the kitchen! He hasn't figured out how to bend his knees and he keeps his arms up for balance so he looks a bit like Frankenstein... a cute Frankenstein, but still.

He's getting more daring every day. He can now get into Tyler's power wheels by himself and we have to be really careful with stairs. Whenever he gets the chance he's going up. It is exhausting.

Here I come!!

Mid-month marked the end of Tyler's first season of soccer. He received a medal to mark the occasion and he was quite proud. Here he is with his prize.

We have found some silly time over the last couple of weeks. Here are the boys having a ball with some tunnels.

The tunnels work well as cages too. If only they couldn't figure out how to get out...

Could he be any cuter??

We also spent some time with the family at Aunt Debbie and Uncle Tom's. The boys are drawn to the piano, of course!

I think this picture is funny. I believe Tyler is playing the piano and Ryan's head at the same time. Ryan isn't sure what is happening. He has this look often as he is trying to figure Tyler out.

The boys and I traveled to Grandma and Grandpa W's this weekend. Ryan was crabby right from the start in the car, but Tyler and I were able to distract him most of the way. As soon as we got into the hills in the last hour of the drive, Ryan began screaming as hard as he could and there was nothing that could distract him. An ear infection crossed my mind, but I quickly dismissed it as Ryan hadn't had one yet. I think I was in denial. We reached our destination and Ryan seemed better out of the car so we went on with our day. Unfortunately he refused to take a nap and wasn't interested in eating so when he started screaming that evening my first thought was that he was overtired and starving. But, it became clear that we had a bigger problem so off to urgent care we went. He does have an ear infection. Poor kid! I've shared all this because the urgent care doctor told us a theory that I just have to pass on. She was an interesting doctor... a little rough around the edges, but she gave us a script and was kind to Ry so I can't complain. On the way out she asked if Ry still took a bottle. I told her that our pediatrician wants him off the bottle by 15 months so we're in transition. She then said that doctors should let babies keep the bottle longer because then we'd have less smokers. What?? She went on to explain that they need to suck and if they don't get over their oral fixation they'll find another way to address it later in life... smoking. Hmm. Interesting!! Mom and I got a good laugh, which was very much needed at that point in time. I learned another valuable lesson on Saturday... don't get sick in a small town after 6pm.
In case you are wondering... Ryan got a bottle Saturday night.

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