Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Tree

Two years ago we joined Aunt Debbie, Uncle Tom, Tori and Mia to cut down our tree. We started with breakfast and then drove out to the fields. We had a perfect day for tree hunting with lots of sledding along the way. This was a grand tree adventure. Tyler had just turned 3.

Last year Dan and Tyler picked out our tree while I was home with Ryan. There was no drama.

This year Dan and I decided that we were running out of time so we would just buy a cut tree on Sunday. Tyler was so excited to get the tree that he couldn't sit still. I was in the truck with the boys while Dan was locking up the house when Tyler asked if I thought they would have snow. That was when I realized he thought we were going on the grand tree adventure. I told him that this year we were going to buy a tree that was already cut. Tyler burst in to tears. I shouldn't have been surprised that he has clear memories of two years ago, but it never occurred to me that he would have those expectations. My heart actually hurt for him.

Some day he'll be mad at me because of this picture.

We really are running out of time so rescheduling was not an option. Luckily there is a place not too far from our house where you can cut down a tree. Somehow this was acceptable for Ty. We passed all of the perfect pre-cut trees, tromped through the muddy fields and tried to find the best of the remaining scraggly trees. The trees were beautiful to Tyler.

Here he is with Ryan in front of our tree.

Timber! Nice job Daddy!

After the tree was wrapped up, we stopped to check in with Santa. There was one thing Tyler forgot to tell him at the party...

Dan has started a demolition project in one our rooms so the stuff from that room is dispersed throughout the rest of the house. This means there is no room for the tree! We got creative and squeezed it into the dining room.

Tyler had a grand time decorating the tree last night... sort of... he actually spent the time collecting all the "boy" ornaments to play with. I had no idea how many ornaments we have with wheels or wings or that make noise or light up! I know now!

The tree doesn't look fully decorated in this picture, but it is and looks really nice with everything turned on. We're already ahead of last year!

Here's another Tyler funny - On Monday I dropped the boys off at school. I had a feeling that something wasn't quite right, but I couldn't put my finger on it. As I was settling Ryan in his room I realized that I forgot their blankets. Grrr! The school has extra blankets, but I like my boys to have a bit of home for nap time. I told Tyler we had to hurry up because I needed to go home to get the blankets. He asked if he could come with me so I told him he could, but we needed to run. After thinking about it for a moment, he asked why we couldn't take the car. Ha! He sure does keep me on my toes!

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