Thursday, December 3, 2009


Tyler is officially five years old today. FIVE!!

It doesn't seem possible that in this short period of time a person can go from this...

To this... my special boy who brings me daily smiles, joy, love... aggravation and frustration all at the same time. I couldn't imagine my life without him.

He's so grown up. He leaped out of bed this morning and told me that he knows how to turn on the kind of lamps we have in the living room. Rather random...
He got to pick one present to open before school. He picked the box with the batman wrapping paper. He's not a dummy! There were actually two presents in that paper, but he can identify clothes. Ty was quite pleased with his choice telling us that the bat mobile is the best birthday present ever. Nice job Aunt Donna!
Uncle Dave called tonight and teased Tyler asking him if was sure he was 4. Tyler said "my birthday is on Thursday, and today is Thursday, so I'm 5." Very logical.
Tonight we had Ty's favorite dinner... tortellini with butter and Parmesan cheese. Then it was time for the rest of his presents.
Tyler, you had better hurry up... Ryan found the presents!!

We had some silly moments...

And then cake.

Unfortunately we had a couple of "incidents" with the candles. I turned off the lights, we (I) sang happy birthday and as Tyler went to blow out the candles, his hat landed on the cake! I had visions of the hat catching fire and then spreading, but luckily that didn't happen. After rescuing the hat, and re-lighting the candles, Tyler bent down to blow the candles out again... and got a bit too close! Oops! I don't think he actually got burnt, but it scared him pretty good.

I read an article today about the number of Saturdays you have in a lifetime and then figured out that I have 676 Saturdays left with Tyler before he turns 18. (Yes, there is something wrong with me.) I intend to treasure this time and hope that it doesn't go as fast as the last five years.

I have to share more thing... on Tuesday, Tyler and Ryan came home to a large package waiting for them on the back porch. There was a note telling them to open it on December 1st. They did and discovered this beautiful Noah's Ark Advent Calendar.

Each day a door is opened to reveal an animal. On Tuesday, Tyler discovered a sheep. On Wednesday, a chicken. And today, a monkey (how fitting). He is loving the ark. I don't think Noah ever expected to become an action figure, but that is what has happened. Unfortunately, mommy has to play the part of the animal. "Baaa, I want some graaaaass."

I love the ark too. The boys will have a Christmas tradition to treasure... and I don't have to find a home for another toy!! Thank you Aunt Debbie, Uncle Tom, Tori & Mia!! It is a hit all around.

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