Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mr. Manipulator

Tyler is no dummy! Earlier this week he got a Lego car out of a cereal box. He hasn't put the car down all week. It is pretty neat. Here is what it looks like when it is put together.

And, here it is taken apart. Tyler advised us last night that it is "more cooler" because it comes apart. This morning he was begging for cereal which is odd because we usually have a nice breakfast weekend mornings. Finally Dan relented and went to pour him a bowl. Well, turns out our boy knew that we finished up a box yesterday and we had to open another box today with another car in it! He is just too smart! Daddy is mean, though, and wouldn't dig through the cereal to get the car. Tyler will have to wait another day... unless he turns on the charm and I give in.

Last night we had dinner at home for reasons I won't get in to. Normally Friday nights we either order in or go out. Very rarely do we have a home cooked meal at the end of the week. So, Dan decided it would be nice to go out for dessert and coffee... yummy! This is a rare treat! When we got to the restaurant Tyler saw a picture of chocolate silk pie with chocolate curls on top. Right away he knew that is what he wanted. Normally Tyler and I would share a dessert, but I didn't want silk pie and I didn't want to disappoint him... he was so excited! Tyler got a piece of dessert all to himself. And he made a mess! You can't really see it in this picture, but he got chocolate all over himself and his shirt. I know how he got chocolate on his elbow, but I can't figure out how he got it on the back of his left shoulder. I was sitting there the whole time and I swear he didn't lay down in the pie!
I don't think I've ever seen anyone enjoy a dessert as much as Tyler enjoyed that pie. The whole restaurant knew he was loving it. To watch his joy was worth the sugar high we had to deal with later.

On the way home last night Tyler was drinking his milk and he started to cough. Dan asked him if it went down the wrong tube and Tyler said "yes, it went down the juice hole." I thought that was funny.
Here is Ryan hanging out in his sweatsuit last night. I'll get to why this is special in the next picture...

Look! This picture was taken yesterday morning! That means that Ryan wore the same outfit all day! Woo Hoo! Earlier this week I sacrificed a onesie. It was so disgusting! (Do you see the car in Tyler's hand... when I say he hasn't put it down all week I really mean it!)

Yes, these outfits match... and no, I didn't do it. This was Grandma and Grandpa C's coordination!

Here is Ryan sacked out Thursday night. This is what he looks like every evening. Actually, this is what he looks like right now. This kid can sleep!

So sweet!

I'm throwing this picture in because I love it. Doesn't this outfit make his legs look really long? What a cutie. Dan calls his hair the "rooster tail" because it sticks up in the middle of his head like a mohawk. Poor Ryan!

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