Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kids Fest

We all survived my first week back to work with no major issues. Ryan is eating and napping well at school. He's getting a lot of attention and his teachers are being really good about my frequent calls. I love it when they tell me all the little details! Tyler has adjusted back to full-time. He really has done well this last week.

Dan and I are a little shell-shocked as we anticipate week 2. I get up at 5:15am and Dan gets up at 5:45am. We're each responsible for getting ourselves and a kid ready. We have to hustle to get out of the house by 7:00am. Then we do something similar in the evening. Basically we're both on the move from 5:15am until 8:00pm every day. Yuck!

The local PBS station sponsored a Kids Fest and breakfast with the characters yesterday. A few weeks ago Tyler started earning stickers so that he could attend. He could earn two stickers each day for getting ready in the morning and to bed each night without a fuss. He needed 20 stickers total and did well after the first few days. I was a little worried in the beginning that he wouldn't get there! But, he pulled it off and even since filling the chart he continues to do well.

Here are the boys yesterday morning. Tyler could hardly contain himself. He couldn't wait to get to the breakfast.

Tyler got to meet all sorts of characters from some of his favorite cartoons. Here he is with Martha Speaks.
Supposedly this is a new character named Raggs... I think. We haven't seen this show yet.

Tyler was very excited to see Super Why, but we had a tough time getting a picture. Daddy and Ryan had to get in the picture to persuade Tyler.

Here's Tyler with Caillou.

And Sabretooth. Tyler has no idea who Sabretooth is since his parents have no interest in hockey, but he was more than happy to visit with a big tiger.

Curious George is still a special friend in our house. He was the only stuffed animal that Tyler really loved.

Finally, here is Tyler with Sid the Science Kid. Each character came around to every table to see each child personally. They did a really nice job. Poor Tyler didn't understand the concept and it really tested his patience, but I was so proud of him. He sat in his chair on his knees watching the characters move around the room with a huge smile on his face as he waited for his turn.

Kids Fest was also nice, but not really good for pictures. They had lots of tables set up with crafts and activities. They also had some play areas that Tyler enjoyed.

Ryan had no idea what was going on, but he was a good sport. I'm sure we'll be back in a few years...

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