Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today we celebrated Ryan's baptism during mass and it was a beautiful ceremony. Our church really does a nice job. I was pleased that the same priest baptised Ryan as did Tyler. I don't know why that is important to me, but it was.

We got their early to ensure we got prime seats and took a couple of pictures before mass began. Here's Ryan laying down in the pew. He was really good throughout the day. But then again, he's usually a very good baby.

There were two babies baptised today. Here we are in front of the whole congregation. Unfortunately the church now has the mom hold the baby. I thought it used to be the Godmother?? He's a heavy boy! I definitely should have scheduled this a couple of months ago and saved my back! It's a good thing we got a large gown. It was almost too small for him around the middle. I can't wait for his 4 month appointment to see what he weighs. I think he's going to be 18 or 19 pounds. He has no neck or ankles and it looks like there are rubber bands around his wrists. He's so round and cuddly!

Doesn't it look like the babies are looking at each other in this picture?

Ryan was ready for a nap by the time the priest poured the water on his forehead and he actually fell asleep while it happened! I think he found it soothing. He slowly drifted off.

These pictures are a bit out of order, but it is not easy to change so I'm leaving it alone. Here we are before the ceremony. Check out the rubber band wrist...

After the ceremony, every child is invited to make the sign of the cross on the baby's forehead with oil. With Tyler I wasn't expecting it and he was only 9 days old so I was really worried about germs, but this time I enjoyed it... except for the little boy with boogies hanging so far out his nose that I was afraid he was going to drip on Ryan... yuck! Tyler eventually came up, but he didn't touch either baby. I'll have to remember to ask him why tomorrow.

We are honored to have Aunt Deb and Uncle Dave as Ryan's Godparents! We are truly blessed to have a wonderful family.

After church we all came back to our house for lunch. Thankfully Alisa came yesterday and helped me prepare everything. There is no way I could have done it by myself. I hope she's available for our next event!
Today was a really long day, but well worth it. We spent the day with family and good friends. What could be better... except more family!

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