Saturday, February 14, 2009

All About Ryan

We had another first this week... bath time with Daddy! It went really well. I was in the living room with Tyler listening to Dan narrate the experience (too funny) and I heard Ryan laugh. I decided that wasn't fair so I had to join him and take some pictures. I'm sure Dan appreciated that.

Getting the backside clean is not easy! Picture holding on to slippery soap! In the end all was well. There was no crying from either party.

In the morning I try and take pictures of Ryan in his outfits because I never know if he is going to fit in it again and chances are he won't be wearing it when he comes home. I did the same thing with Tyler so some day I'll have to get those picture out and post them.
Here Ryan is in his outerwear. Unfortunately he grew out of it this week. I thought it was a duck, but Dan calls it "the chicken." Either way it is too cute and so cuddly soft. I'm sad he can't wear it anymore:(

Here's Ryan showing off his "Balance Work/Life" shirt in a snazzy sweatsuit by Bum. This picture was taken last week.

Here he is sacked out in one of Tyler's favorite outfits. I love these little pants, but he will wear them no more...

This was Ryan's look on Monday. The overalls still fit, but the shirt is a bit short. It's hard work getting over that belly!

Most mornings Tyler has to get in the picture as well. Here he is "cooperating" as usual!

Check out the belly in this picture! He's a thick kid. I can't wait to see how much he weighs at his 4 month appointment on March 13th!

I pulled this 9 month outfit out on Tuesday thinking it was going to hang on him. Nope! It fits just right. If I had waited another two weeks he might not have been able to wear it at all!

This was the look Ryan sported yesterday. It was another favorite when Tyler was little.

I like this picture. Can you guess who he's watching?

Here's Ryan right now. His belly is full and he's comfy in his pajama bag.

We're so lucky! Stay posted for baptism mania next week!

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