Friday, August 28, 2009

Family Day

Today was a very special day. Dan and I took a break from work to play with our boys. We had a blast.

After breakfast out, we headed to a local amusement park. August doesn't usually mean sweatshirts, but it did today and I think that was a blessing. Our usually hot baby was quite comfortable today...

Rides, rides, rides... we did them all. And, I discovered that I'm old. The tilt-a-whirl used to be my favorite ride. Well, I went on one today and thought I was going to be physically ill. What happened?? Luckily, grown-ups weren't allowed on the tea cups... it gave me a chance to recover.

Doesn't Dan look thrilled?? I think it was his turn on the tilt-a-whirl...

Ryan was a trouper as usual. He did get to go on the train, but he'll have to wait a few years for the tilt-a-whirl... maybe a few years longer than Tyler since neither Dan or I will be willing by then.

Here we are on the train.

And, Dan with Ty.

With Ryan around it seems that Tyler is so much older, but then you have a moment like this and you remember that he's still a baby. I never want to forget how it feels to be wrapped with a 4-year-old boy.

Then the next minute he's on this crazy ride! It shot straight up in the air and then dropped you, over and over. First, I couldn't believe he was willing to try it. Second, I couldn't believe he was big enough to be let on it. Third, I was lucky enough to go on it with him first and got to hear his glee first hand. Fourth, I couldn't believe he wanted to keep going on it, over and over... I made it twice, then it was over to Dan. It was funny watching Dan watch Tyler.

After we had made the rounds at the park, we treated ourselves to dinner at the Hard Rock. About twelve years ago we discovered Hard Rock Nachos in Florida with Sara. Ooooh, so yummy! Cheesy, salty, goodness! A couple of weeks ago Dan committed a marital sin and had Hard Rock Nachos without me on a business trip! Can you believe it! The nerve! It's ok now that I've had mine.

Ok, so I forgot that video doesn't correct itself when I hold the camera sideways... oops. Sorry. Ryan was having a great time at dinner. He was bopping along to the music. The kid has rhythm! Too funny! This isn't the best of it, but it's what I got. Check out Ryan Rockin' at the Hard Rock!

What a great day! And, the best part is we still have the whole weekend ahead of us...

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