Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Crayola Factory

Well, we checked another destination off my list of things to do and this is one I don't need to repeat! The Crayola Factory!

Luckily this was just a quick stop on our way to Sesame Place rather than a main event. It wasn't bad, just nothing really special. And there were a lot of loud summer camp kids everywhere!

The boys had fun using stampers, drawing with marker on a glass wall, using a glow stick and finally painting on Frisbees using a spin wheel.

It was very serious work!

Tyler also painted with melted crayons. Ry Ry wasn't tall enough.

They did get to watch a demonstration on how to make crayons which was also neat to see. But, I think this huge box of crayons on the outside of the building was their favorite.

There was a second museum above the Crayola Factory that the boys also enjoyed. I'm not sure why, but Ryan was very excited about this donkey??

They demanded a picture in the train. They must be my boys!

Water tables are always a hit. This one was a lock system and they did it really well.

Then it was off to the store, of course, where we saw the worlds largest crayon.

Tyler enjoyed filling a tin with all sorts of special crayons. He liked the metallic and gel crayons the best.

By then we had more than enough and moved down the road to our final destination.

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