Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two Rough Weeks

Ryan has had a really rough couple of weeks.

  • Two weeks ago today I was home with him as he was recovering from the stomach bug.
  • The following Saturday I took him to urgent care with an ear infection.
  • That Wednesday (one week ago today) he had a reaction to the antibiotic and got hives causing him to scratch his face.
  • This past Saturday he fell into the window sill causing a nasty scrape on his chin and a bruise on his cheek.
  • On Monday he took a header at day care and has quite the bump on his forehead.
  • Today I took him to the doctor and confirmed he has a double ear infection.

And, on top of all that, he got a bad haircut over the weekend!! Poor kid! Is winter over yet??

Luckily Tyler hasn't had a bad winter... yet. Hopefully this means he's developed some immunity from his previous winters although he did have pink eye last Friday.

I am so ready for some nice weather and healthy children. Ugh!!

We also had a visit with Grandma and Grandpa C. We tried for a good picture with Grandma, but Ryan was having a tough day... now we know why :(

He did give me this smile. You can see the scrape on his chin and a bit of the bruise on his cheek. The scratch on his forehead is one of the remnants from the hives. Oh, and the crazy haircut. His bangs are too short for me to try and fix it. Hopefully it won't take long to grow out.

This picture reminds me of my hope that Ry wouldn't have ear infections since he has big(er) ears. Well, the last two weeks sunk that theory.

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