Saturday, July 25, 2009

He's Clapping!

Earlier this week Ryan discovered how to clap and he couldn't be more proud of himself. This look of awe comes across his face as he watches his hands. He's doing more and more deliberately. It's so exciting and sad at the same time. He's growing up so fast. I believe he knows his name and responds to it. Either that or he just looks at me whenever I talk and I use his name a lot!!

Here he is mid-clap.

Today is a very special day in my world. In the wee hours of the morning, a little boy stood by my bed and told me that he had gone potty. He asked me if I would flush for him. I told him I would in the morning and asked him to go back to bed. AND HE DID! Woo Hoo! My boy went potty by himself at night and I didn't have to be his audience... or tuck him back in. YIPPY! (Can you tell I'm excited??)

What a week we had... Uncle Tom picked Tyler up from school on Wednesday to spend time with Aunt Debbie, Tori and Mia. Tyler was so excited. I used the visit as an incentive for a whole week! They actually slept outside in a tent while it was raining! I am impressed. And then they went creek walking the next day. Tyler had a fantastic time. On Thursday Uncle Tom picked Ryan up for the evening... that's right, Dan and I were completely alone for a few hours! We don't do it often, but it sure is nice when we can go out to eat alone. I didn't have to cut up food for anyone else, or tell anyone to be quiet, or tell someone to sit down... what a novelty!

Today we went to a party and it was actually warm! Go figure, it's the end of July and we finally made it into the 80's! Tyler spent the whole time running around with all the kids... jumping in the bounce house, throwing water balloons (ok, not really... we're not sure what happened, but Tyler couldn't bring himself to break his balloon so he gave it away), playing in the sandbox, getting his own lemonade out of the spigot, and generally being a kid in the summer. He was completely covered in sand by the time we left. He told us he laid down in the sandbox and I believe him. CRAZY! On the way home he told us that it was the best party ever. I love seeing my boys have a great time.

Here's a picture of Ryan at the party. What a great kid...

And Tyler, running...

On the way home it poured and Tyler loved it. I think he was basking in the glow of the day.

Ryan was one sticky boy when we got home. We really need to cut his hair (sob). We plunked him in the bath and here is the result. Hey slick...

It's approaching ten o'clock and both boys are silent. Completely zonked. What a great week.

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