Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yay Tyler!

After weeks of waking up dry in his pull-up, Tyler made the decision not to wear one last night. He woke up dry again. Woo Hoo! He announced that now he's "just like Ava!" He's so proud of himself and so am I. I'm sure we'll have accidents, but I'm very hopeful that we've left diapers behind. We're doing the happy dance!

Here's Tyler this morning in his PJs! He's growing up so fast. Sob :(

Tyler is dancing this morning... literally. He must be learning a dance at school because he's "sliding to the right" and then "sliding to the left." Too cute!

Whenever he uses his right and left it makes me smile remembering the day he let me know he had learned the difference. He pointed to a spot on his arm and said "Mama, is this right?" Not having any idea what he was talking about I asked "is what right?" He repeated "is this right?" Still not having any clue I said "Tyler, I don't know what you mean." Clearly frustrated, he repeated "is this right!?" So, I said "sure Tyler, that is right." Then he held up his other arm, the left one, and said "is this left?" Click! Ha! Who knew??

Tyler always keeps us on our toes. Whenever he says something that doesn't click with us right away, we know it will eventually because he's always right and there is always a connection to something! If there isn't, it's probably because we missed it, not because he was wrong. On our way to Grandma's two weeks ago Tyler asked where we were. I told him that we were in Syracuse. He paused and then said "does that mean we're near Sara?" Too funny! I will not be surprised when at some point in the future he says "we're in Syracuse and Syracuse is a place, not a person." We'll probably be in the exact same spot on the way to Grandma's when it happens.

Well, it's time to start our day. We've got plans to explore downtown with the boys on this dreary day.

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