Monday, June 15, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys!

Dan just returned from the Hot Rod Power Tour which means the boys and I just returned from a visit to Grandma and Grandpa Ws!

In between Tyler's injuries, we had a nice time. Unfortunately the visit started out with a bang as Tyler smacked his forehead on the coffee table. He had a nice goose egg with all sorts of wonderful colors! Then he managed to bite his tongue before having a close encounter with the side walk resulting in a nice scrape on his nose. Those injuries plus his regular bruised legs made for a great look! Luckily the healing process is moving along nicely... just in time for another encounter with the side walk tonight! I'm going to buy stock in band-aid!

Even banged up Tyler is an endless source of entertainment.

One day last week we arrived back at the house and Tyler was picking at his pants as he walked in from the car. Grandma asked him what was wrong and Tyler informed her that "his pee pee sprayer was stuck to his leg!" Ha! Pee Pee Sprayer! Just thinking about it cracks me up. That night we had a little anatomy lesson. Unfortunately he's now testing out that new word. Goodness... I don't know what is worse.

Tyler's favorite number over the last few weeks is 89. I have no idea why that number in particular is fascinating, but everything is 89. He can even count to 89... "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eighty-nine!" Ha! His tricycle goes 89 mph... Things are 89 feet long... I can't wait to see how the number 89 can be used tomorrow...

Wednesday evening we spent on the boat. It was a perfect night for a cruise.

Tyler spent time looking out over the lake. Doesn't he look like a big boy in this picture! I swear he's grown in the last week.

His favorite part of the boat is the cabin. It's like his own fort.

Here's Ryan on the boat for the first time! He enjoyed playing with Tyler's life vest.
Isn't he adorable in his little life vest??

We came home on Thursday and spent time that afternoon at the bounce house with friends before heading to another friends house for pizza! Yummy! It was another beautiful night. I love Ryan's expression in this picture. His hair is really starting to fill in.

Ryan had another first... a ride in a wagon! His first girlfriend joined him! She's two months older, but Ryan's got her in size! They are both adorable.

Every kid has to have a baseball cap and I think this one is just perfect for our little guy. He seems to like it as well.

I can't believe how good Ryan still is. He's just a happy kid as long as he's fed and clean. Who could ask for more??
Ryan has turned into Mr. Grabby. You really have to be careful when setting things down because he's got quite a reach. I was putting groceries away Friday morning and the next thing I knew, Ryan had the eggs! Aaaahhh! Of all things...

One last shot of our happy boy...

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