Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fathers Day Weekend

Since it was Fathers Day Weekend, Dan got to pick whatever he wanted to do. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about our plans, but I was pleasantly surprised.

We started the morning by visiting the Aerospace Museum.

The museum was a hit because of a room full of airplane related toys. Tyler had a fabulous time loading pilots, passengers and baggage into the airplanes. He was sure to find appropriate toys for Ryan as well. After being in the room over an hour, we had to promise to bring him back in order to convince him to leave.

We then moved on to the Transportation Museum. Tyler was tired and hungry by the time we go there so we didn't spend a ton of time wandering around. Ryan, on the other hand, was his usual agreeable self. Here he is chillin'! He did this completely on his own.

We ended our day at Chef's! Yummy! This area has amazing food. I hadn't ever had Spaghetti Parmesan before I moved here. Mmmm. I'm already ready for next time.
I asked Tyler to pose for me in his bib. He had a case of the sillies so this turned out to be a difficult task.

Here he is trying to be serious... it's not working very well.

Ta Da! He's ready to eat!

Tyler did a great job finishing his meal. I was impressed. He didn't make too much of a mess.

Ryan also did well at the restaurant. He got a lot of attention and a new nickname... chubkins... I wonder where that came from?? And, we discovered that he is a fan of canoli. Shocker!

I'm still trying to capture Ryan's laugh on film. Here's my latest effort. This video has a bonus feature... Tyler's latest noise! Both of our boys have the gift of odd noises. Tyler can make the best engine noises around and Ryan has some sort of alien, Darth Vader thing going on. I have no idea how these noises are created and why they don't hurt. One thing is for certain, one or both boys are making noise every waking moment of every day. I swear that Tyler was "on" all weekend. Even when he wasn't talking incessantly, he was making noise. Dan has a theory that all parents were sane before children. Slowly over time we are being sucked into their bizarre world. Crazy!

Is that strange or what?? They certainly get a kick out of each other.

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