Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to Spring... Maybe?

When we woke up this morning everything was covered with snow! Ugh! It was only an inch or two, but still... isn't it spring? Needless to say, Dan is not pleased.

Here was the view out of the kitchen window after work.

Ryan is officially 5 months old today. I can't believe it. He's growing up and out so fast. Here he is this morning before school. Unfortunately he didn't make it home in this outfit.

Tyler is still enjoying having a brother. Here they both are enjoying Ryan's activity mat over the weekend. On the way home from Grandma W's a couple of weeks ago he told me that he wouldn't spend a week away without Ryan. I hope it lasts when Ryan starts grabbing Tyler's toys!

Here is Mr. Ryan before school yesterday. He is one smooth dude in his Tigger vest.

The past Saturday we went to our favorite museum with Grandma and Grandpa C. You would think that we'd spend less time there each visit, but you'd be wrong! We were there for almost 6 hours!
The big exhibit this time was Mr. Potato Head.

Here's Tyler with his own Potato Head Sunday morning. We got extra parts and pieces so now he can make all sorts of "heads."

I just had to get a picture of this guy. It's Veggie Head! He was huge!

This table was really cool. It had every imaginable piece with mounted potatoes. Tyler and Grandma had a good time here.

This was Mr. Potato Head's scuba adventure. Tyler seemed surprised to look up and see the potato looking down on him.

Ryan was very cooperative as usual. There was a lot for him to check out.

Tyler loved the space potato. It had all sorts of gadgets for him to check out. Here he is posing for me.

This museum is incredibly interactive. They do an awesome job. Here is one of the many exhibits that Tyler and Grandpa checked out. I think you could spend days at this place and not do everything. I see a membership in our future...

The airplane is still Tyler's favorite. I think I have this same picture from every visit.

Daddy also had a good time. Here he is at one of the craft tables... be sure to notice that there isn't a kid in sight...
I wasn't going to blog about this because I try to keep identifying information out of the blog, but it still makes me smile so here goes... For the purposes of the blog, lets say I work at "McDonalds." One morning last week I was wearing a McDonalds shirt. Tyler pointed to it and said "Mama, that says McDonalds." Then he said "Mama, I want to be a girl and work at McDonalds." Ha! He cracks me right up!

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