Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We have had a wonderful Easter with the exception of a couple of upset tummies! I had a rough Friday night and Grandpa W had a rough day today. No fun!

Yesterday Grandma W and I took the boys to the Botanical Gardens for the Easter Egg Hunt. What a mad house! We did manage to get a good picture of Tyler with the Easter Bunny! (He knew he'd only get that lollipop if he let mama get the picture she wanted...)

It was quite chilly yesterday, although the sun was shining brightly. Tyler waited very patiently for the hunt to start.

He was having a grand time playing peek a boo around Grandma's leg. Here's a shot where I won!

Hurray! Tyler found some eggs!

This morning we had another egg hunt at home. The Easter Bunny did a great job hiding all those eggs!

This was the most difficult egg to find. Tricky Bunny!

Tyler had a ball.

As I was putting this together I realized I didn't take very many pictures of Ryan this week... oops. But, I did get one... here he is with his first piece of mail! Doesn't he look thrilled?

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