Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Weekend

We finally had a weekend of nothing! And we truly did nothing... sort of. Dan started siding the garage while the boys and I hunted for an entertainment center. Who knew it would be so difficult to find a simple console made from solid wood?? Unfortunately the chores still needed to get done. My usual 3 loads of laundry on the weekend exploded to 5! Ugh! I've still got laundry going and if everything goes perfectly, I won't be done until 10:15pm... way past my bedtime.

Oh, and it finally happened... the milk avalanche claimed a victim! Luckily it was me. I was digging out some meatballs for dinner last night when I got clocked in the head with 10 ounces of frozen white gold! Ouch!

So, it wasn't really a weekend of nothing, but it's as close as I hope to get in the next 18 years.

It was a beautiful weekend. Here's Ryan yesterday ready to shop! He's one cool dude!

He really is too cute!, we haven't abandoned the carrier yet. Bad mommy! Once it is gone I'm going to be a slave to nap time and I'm not ready for that yet. I keep telling myself that he hasn't officially been weighed over 20 pounds so technically we're not in violation yet...

Ryan has been on the verge of rolling over for weeks. He gets right up on his side. This is his usual look. Unfortunately he's figured out that by contorting himself in all sorts of directions he can see everything he's interested in. Between that and his girth, I don't think he's ever going to roll.

Check out the hair. Poor kid!

Tyler wasn't very cooperative this weekend with the camera.

This would have been a good picture... oh, well! We make these sacrifices for fun.

Ok, we're going to try the video thing... This one shows Ryan's girth and you get to hear Tyler's whining in the background. I can't remember what he wanted, but at the very end you can hear his new trick... "I love you." Yeah, right! He's got schmooze down to a science! I'm ready to be past this stage.

If this works I'll try to get the giggle! And, one of these mornings I'm going to try and get him first thing. He'll stay in his crib talking to himself for about 15 minutes and he gets so excited when I walk in his room. It's a great start to the day!

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