Sunday, October 26, 2014

Panama Rocks

A trip to Panama Rocks has been on my list for a while and today was the last day of the season, so...

We dragged Grandma and Grandpa W out to the middle of nowhere and it was spectacular!

While there were huge rocks just like we saw at Rock City, this place was different.  Maybe it was the time of year?  The leaves were way past peak, but there was still enough to give us a great fall day.  Check out the crack in the rocks. One wrong step and you could be in serious trouble.

In a place as flat as it is here, to see rocks of this scale is pretty amazing.  They were huge!

The boys heard we were going on a hike and out came the walking sticks plus Tyler's water bottle.  They were prepared for quite a trek!  They are cub scouts after all!!

There he is... swagger boy.

Isn't this crazy?  It looks like it could topple at any minute!

There were all sorts of great places to explore.  This may have been where we lost grandpa... he went up a crevice and couldn't get back down!!

We heard him toward the middle of our hike so we knew he was ok and eventually found him here...

That picture doesn't do the height justice.  It was probably twice as high as it looks here.  Yikes!

This rock was really cool.  Do you see the lion?  Look for the fern mane.

They insisted on squeezing through here.  See Tyler's head back there?  He told me there wasn't enough room for him to turn his head for the pic. Yikes! The adults walked around.

Tread carefully.  These crevices went down really far... 25 feet maybe?  I was a bit concerned with two boys and slippery leaves, but we all made it through unscathed.  

I think I have to bring my tripod on our excursions more often.  Everyone in the same pictures is a beautiful thing.

What a great day!  Now I've got to come up with more outside adventures... that was the last on my list locally and that just won't do!

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