Saturday, March 31, 2012

Start Over Saturday

You know those days where you just want to start over? Saturday was one of those. I woke up with a headache, the boys were cranky and I didn't take the hint. I had finally identified a couple of free hours to go play with my camera and I was determined to make it happen.

I won't do that again...

Yup, that pretty much describes the day from start to finish. Horrendous.

I'm going to post some of the pictures I took and while they don't look too bad, trust me... it was one somewhat decent picture for every 30 of the first.

I thought Ryan's overalls were cute especially since he loves them so much. But, then a passerby commented that he was dressed like Mario. Grr. It was a bad day.

Dan tried to save the day by jumping in a picture himself.

But, even Daddy magic wasn't working on Ry.

Picture perfect!

This was not the best spot for a family picture due to the lighting, but the boys were very excited about the big egg in the background so we made it work.

Maybe growing my hair out is not such a good idea... I look like a mushroom!

This one cracks me up. Yes, he's humoring me. I love him for trying.

I did discover that photoshop allows me to virtually pick a nose!! Very cool.

Oh well, I tried. I think my best pictures are going to be impromptu and candid. That is ok.

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