Friday, March 30, 2012


There is an over-abundance of cute in this post. You have been warned.

As I sit here watching it snow, it is very hard to believe that less than two weeks ago it was over 80 degrees for 3 days in a row and high 70s for 3 days before that!! On the tail end of that beautiful weather we got a visit from Owen...

We knew the weather was changing so we got out the bounce house and had a ball.

Is there such a thing as too cute?

He's watching a ball here. I loved this picture until I realized that his left hand is cut off and that is straight from the camera so I can't fix it. Now it is all that I see.

We squeezed every bit of fun out of Friday night and woke up to rain Saturday morning. It was perfect weather for our favorite museum... the Museum of Play!!

Ryan fell in love with the crooked room this time. I discovered that it now makes me sick.

It is not the camera that is crooked... the whole room is on a slant. Add the stripes on the wall and squares on the floor and you have a mess on your hands. But, Ryan thought it was awesome... over and over again!

In all of our visits to this museum we've never gone to one of their shows in the theater. So, we rectified that by watching Bubble Mania. Cool stuff!

Owen enjoyed the seats in the theater... they flipped up! He's holding on to the back of a seat in this pic.

Owen checked out the boys' favorite airplane.

As did the boys. They really got into it!

Thanks to Aunt Alisa, we watched The Wizard of Oz Friday night in anticipation of the WOO exhibit at the museum.

Once again, the museum provided a very interactive exhibit for exploration. Ryan wasn't sure what to think of the witches bicycle.

But, my fearless boy had no trouble climbing this web!

Ryan was a hoot at this part of the exhibit. He growled into the microphone which morphed his voice into that of the great Oz!

I think this was the only time that all 3 boys were playing with the same thing.

And it didn't last long.

Got eggs?

I tried for a group picture, but all I accomplished was the realization that my boys are HUGE! When did that happen??

Owen was fairly stoned faced for most of the museum. It is a lot to take in during your first (of many) visit. But he did enjoy the goose!

This is my favorite picture of the day.

Dan always does a craft with the boys. This time it was crowns. Check out Ryan's face... crown-making is a lot of work!

But, it is worth the effort.

We ended our visit with a huge electronic board that played musical chairs. Ryan lost.

It was a wonderful weekend with Uncle Dave, Aunt Alisa and Owen. We're looking forward to our next visit.

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