Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st Grade

Tyler is now officially a 1st Grader!!

We dropped off his supplies last Monday and Ty discovered that there is a turtle in his classroom. He's been looking forward to seeing that turtle again all week. We now know that his name is Sheldon and he's a tortoise. I'd say it was a successful first day.

Tyler insisted on wearing a new outfit today which was a problem because I don't shop for back-to-school clothes. Luckily I had a pair of new jeans in the clearance closet and found a shirt I had purchased for Ryan that still fits Tyler!! Such drama.

Ryan was being a stinker and wouldn't smile in the picture with me (he's actually biting his lip so he won't smile!), but he was all smiles for Dad.

And, the necessary bus picture on the first day. Yes, it was a bit chilly today!

Why does he seem so much older now that he's in a grade with a number?

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