Sunday, August 22, 2010


Dan and I took a day off together on Friday to enjoy an early anniversary outing... in an airplane! The original plan was to have a nice peaceful scenic flight together, but that isn't what happened. Good thing we made sure our wills and guardianship for the boys was all set because Dan had an opportunity to fly the plane and we couldn't pass that up.

Here he is pre-flight... very excited!

This is when I started to get a little concerned. I couldn't see anything out the windshield from the backseat, but I could see a lot of complicated gauges and buttons... and Dan's hands on the wheel!!

Holy cow!! Little planes are a bit unsteady and I was disoriented. I felt like I could tip the plane just by leaning over to look out the window. It was a long way down!

But it sure was pretty!

We flew over our car, our old apartment, Aunt Donna's house and daycare before landing safely. Phew!

We had a great morning together and an adventure we'll never forget. Only 19.5 hours until Dan can get his sport pilot license...

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