Sunday, August 22, 2010


Our home is a comfortable place. I instantly relax when I cross the threshold every night surrounded by the people and things that I love. I've been noticing the "things" in our house lately and realizing how lucky I am to have so many handmade items. I walked the house this morning and took pictures. I know I missed some things so I'll apologize up front for that.

In our dining room hangs a sign that Sara made. I only took a picture of the end because I try to be careful about identifying information, but trust me, she did a beautiful job!! Not only did she crochet our name, but she mounted it and did the framing as well!

This wall quilt was made by Aunt Connie for our wedding shower many years ago. It warms our center hallway... the heart of our home!

Dan made this room for me, among others, but this is the first to welcome people to our home and one of my favorites. He took down the pine walls, replaced the ceiling/floor and put in a closet. If you look through the window you can see him working on the next project... painting the porch! Yay! I am lucky to have him.

Sara cross-stitched this 14 years ago! It hangs in our bathroom upstairs and greets me every morning.

This quilt was made by Aunt Toni for our wedding almost ten years ago (gulp!). It was on our bed for years, but was moved to the guest room to spare it from two little boys!

The boys love all of their handmade blankets. The cars quilt with the checks and the yellow border quilt were made by Janice Sr. They each have an "I Spy" quilt made by Aunt Connie and a crocheted blanked by Aunt Sara plus the blue blankets by co-workers. Each is part of our daily lives, play by day and comfort by night... they sure are lucky little boys...

Grandpa C made this very cool ride on airplane!

Aunt Sara sent hats for the boys last winter. Ryan isn't a big fan, but Ty sure is!!

I still remember the wrapped package in the front closet from Aunt Connie waiting for my 16th birthday. I could hardly wait to open it and fell in love the moment I did. This pink blanket has been with me for 20 years now!! Luckily a former co-worker made the green one for Dan and the boys to use... the pink one is mine! They both live on the ottoman and are used most days for warmth or a tent or whatever imaginations can come up with...

I have attempted to make things, but I think Sara got all of those genes. I have made some of our curtains and did make a Christmas Tree Skirt that I like...

Unfortunately it doesn't picture very well. It has stitched trees all around with puzzle pieces around them.
Despite my complaints about the lack of conveniences or aesthetics, I love our home and all of our treasures!

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