Sunday, May 23, 2010

Picture Day

Kids have a way of making preparation meaningless. I made the appointment, coordinated the clothes, got their hair cut, made sure Ry was up early this morning so he'd sleep in the car on the way there, stopped for lunch... it was like a choreographed dance... all hoping for great pictures that would make us smile for years to come. Even with all that preparation, it came down to Ryan's willingness to play along... and he wasn't very willing. In fact, he made me work hard for his smiles. Stinker!!

Here is his official 18 month picture.

Want to know what was happening here? Well, he wouldn't stay by himself so... he's on me. Yup, I'm there. I believe this is the picture that they had to photo shop my arm out of. He's sitting on my knees. I had my hand on his waistband and would pop him up to get a smile. The things we do.

This one is just for fun...
I didn't plan on a picture of Tyler alone, but he was so determined to show everyone what a good job he could do after we all tried so hard with Ryan. He was right, he did a great job. Every picture was a good one. This face!!

On the way home I was going through the pictures and I told Tyler that he was "stinkin' cute." He said "Mom, I am not cute. Could you at least call me cool?!" What comes next? No hug when I drop him off?? I am so not ready for that!
Grandma and Grandpa C joined us as they did for Tyler's 18 month picture. Ryan was pretty done by the time we got to this picture. We'll have to try gain in a year or so.

Ryan was also very uncooperative for the full family shot. He refused to be anywhere other than with me. He's not usually so clingy, but he's got 4 teeth trying to poke through. I think he had a rough day. At least you can't see the hot wheels car that he's got in his hand.
Overall, I think this came out pretty good.

Time is flying... and I will smile at these pictures for years to come. From here on out, there won't be any mid-year pictures. My boys are growing up fast.

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