Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snake Cooties

I'm not sure if this is normal boy behavior, or if my boys are a bit strange. You tell me at the end of this post.

You may recall that I chaperoned a field trip over the summer to see the reptile guy with Tyler's class. He was really cool so when Tyler was invited to a birthday party that featured the reptile guy, I suggested that Dan accompany him. He agreed and ended up spending four hours with the moms of all the little boys at the party. Oops! I had a nice time at the mall...

I called to find out when they would be home and was told that Tyler held a snake. So, when they arrived and Tyler wanted a hug, I told him no because he had snake cooties on his hands!! Tyler laughed and said "mom, the snake did not have cooties, it wasn't even slimy, it felt like rubber!" Silly mommy!

Tyler actually volunteered for this experience. Here he is eagerly awaiting the snake...

And, receiving the tail end. He doesn't seem quite sure of his decision yet.

All is well. He seems pleased, doesn't he?? YUCK!

After surviving the show, the kids headed outside for fire truck rides. This was a great party!

Two boys dancing on a boot, of course! Haven't you always wanted to dance on a boot?

I'm putting this picture in here to document the day that Ryan won. This was Friday morning and I was summoned to the back room by Tyler yelling that he was being attacked. Ha! We knew it was going to happen sooner or later. It only took 1 day short of 16 months.

I don't understand this at all. Saltine crackers were a really big hit with both boys yesterday. Why were pictures of this event necessary? You'll have to ask Tyler.

This I have no explanation for other than to say it is par for the course in our home. Madness I tell ya! The inmates are running the asylum!

Here is the new favorite weekend activity. I have to say it is quite gross in my opinion. I was throwing laundry from the basket in the hall into the larger hall for sorting. I couldn't see him coming because of a wall, but somehow Ryan launched himself into the pile. I'm sure my memory has exaggerated it, but I can close my eyes and see Ryan flying into a pile of dirty laundry. And, Tyler wasn't far behind. Why??

Shouldn't at least Tyler understand that this isn't good? They both thought it was hilarious, asking for more and more clothes to be thrown on top of them.

Yes, they did both get baths after this. Please tell me that this isn't the kind of normal boy behavior that I have to look forward to for years to come.
How did I get this while my sister has 3 sweet heads to cover in adorable hats??

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