Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Big Party

After months of planning, the big day finally arrived! Tyler's 5th Birthday Party!!

I had visions of grouping kids together for the games and having them take turns nicely before getting their prize. I should have known as soon as I walked into the pavilion and Ryan discovered the echo that we were in trouble. A large room, plus lots of tables, plus a few games, and 10 boys equal chaos!!

Here's Ty and a couple of friends who agree to pose for me.

I managed to take a picture of one of the games. Here was our version of Pin the Nose on Rudolph. We also had a Christmas Tree Beanbag Toss and a Cotton Ball Snow Shoveling game. I learned a valuable lesson. You cannot have organization with multiple children.

Tyler and a few friends...

We had a special visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus!! Tyler must have been good this year.

The visit with Santa started with checking the Nice List to make sure all the boys were included. Luckily they were all there, although I think it was close for a few!

And then Santa shared some pictures of the Reindeer. They're resting up for the big night so they were unable to join us today.

Here's my boy. He sat on Santa lap and asked Santa if he remembered the green race car he brought him last year. Santa did so Tyler proceeded to tell him that one of the wheels is stuck so he needs another one. Yup, that's my boy... he wants to cash in on the Santa warranty.


This is funny... can you see Santa back there?? He's there... look close...

Ryan wasn't so sure about Santa.

But, Grandpa W liked Santa just fine and was sure to put in his request... a 2010 Crimson Red Automatic Corvette with T-tops. Nice try Grandpa! Here he is making his request.

We took a family shot as well. (Yuck)

As soon as Santa headed back to the North Pole to get ready for his big day we moved on to cake.

The Jet Car cake was a big hit. Most kids wanted a piece of the fire. It was a trick, but we managed to get fire on most pieces.

I'll have to remember to ask Ty what he wished for as he blew out his candles.

This is what it looks like when you try to take a picture of a birthday boy unwrapping presents. Tyler, are you in there??

We all had a great time. But, I am sure glad it is over. I hope Tyler enjoyed it because we're going bowling next year...

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