Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Splish splash I was taking a bath...

Before I get to the bath, I have some exciting news!!

Ryan rolled! Finally!

I didn't actually see it, but I left him on his back in the center hallway while I ran around getting things done. The next thing I knew he was on his belly! Woo Hoo! Go Ryan! Here he is right after his one and only roll...

And here he is with Tyler celebrating his accomplishment.

So now on to the bath...
Every other night there is a ritual in our house. I get the pleasure of giving Ryan a bath in the sink while Dan has Tyler in the tub. Tonight Ryan added a little fun to the experience. Here is is enjoying splashing! He was so excited at his new discovery.

Look at me!

I decided to capture the event, but I guess I should have held the camera straight. Oh well, just turn your head and enjoy!

I guess I should explain what Tyler is doing in the background. On bath night we have "bath races." Tyler is expecting me to get "upset" that he is already done with his bath and beat me. He might be a little too excited... welcome to the world of Tyler!

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