Monday, May 18, 2009

Six Months

I cannot believe that my baby is six months old! Last Monday we took him to the doctor for a check up. He's in the 75th percentile for length at 27 3/4 inches long and he's "off the chart" for weight at 22 pounds 11 ounces! He's one healthy boy!

He's getting better at sitting up, but he's still not rolling.

After the doctor appointment Dan and I dropped the boys off at school and spent the entire day together! This is the first time we have taken a whole day off without the boys... and we didn't do anything responsible!
The first thing we did was go out to a leisurely breakfast. It was so nice to eat a meal without telling someone to keep eating or to speak quietly or having to cut anything up or bounce someone on my knee or any of the other things that are so natural that I don't even realize I do them until it isn't necessary.
Then we took a ride in the Corvette together (only our second in 18 months of ownership) out to the Frank Lloyd Wright house on the lake. It was such a beautiful day to be out for a ride. I'm ready to schedule our next day together... seriously... right now...
But, then reality sinks in and it is time to be responsible again.
Here's another picture of the garage with siding. He only has one side left and hopefully he'll hold off a little longer before starting it. While I think this looks really nice, I'm not looking forward to my "alone time" with the boys.

I finally got some of Ryan's giggles on video. It gets better, but he knows when I get the camera out and tones it down.

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